Specialty “Medicine”

Final submodule control I: «The theoretical basis of the structure and reactivity of organic compounds, aliphatic and aromatic, hydroxy and halogeno hydrocarbons, their thio analogues and amines.”

Final submodule control II: «Heterofunctional organic compounds – metabolites and basis of the most important groups of drugs. Carbonyl compounds. Carboxylic acids and their functional derivatives”.

Final submodule control III: «Biologically important classes of bioorganic compounds. Heterocyclic. Biopolymers and their structural components. “

Module control

Recommended literature:

1. “General, Organic and Biochemistry” I. Blei

2. “General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry: An Integrated Approach, Second Edition” Kenneth W. Raymond

3. “General, Organic and Biological Chemistry” J.G. Smith

4. “Organic Chemistry” L.G. Wade, JR.